Chapter 10

Video Lessons for Middle School Math. Course 1.

Chapter 10. Measurement: Area and Volume.
(Review Sheets at the bottom to be printed out and enhance your lesson)

Lesson 10-1 Estimating and Finding Area.
Lesson 10-2 Area of Triangles and Trapezoids.
Lesson 10-3 Area of Composite Figures.
Lesson 10-4 Comparing Perimeter and Area
Lesson 10-5 Area of Circles
Lesson 10-6 Three-Dimensional Figures
Lesson 10-7 Volume of prisms.
Lesson 10-8 Volume of cylinders.
Lesson 10-9 Surface Area

Chapter 10 Review Sheets:
Chapter 10 Section A
Chapter 10 Section B

Chapter 10: Poly-Cross Puzzle