Chapter 03

Video Lessons for Middle School Math. Course 1.

Chapter 3. Decimals.

Lesson 3-1 Representing, Comparing, and Ordering Decimals
Lesson 3-2 Estimating Decimals
Lesson 3-3 Adding and Subtracting Decimals
Lesson 3-4 Writing Numbers in Scientific Notation
Lesson 3-5 Multiplying with Decimals
Lesson 3-6 Dividing with Decimals and integers.
Lesson 3-7 Dividing with Decimals and decimals.
Lesson 3-8 Interpreting the Quotient
Lesson 3-9 Solving Equations Containing Decimals

Chapter 3 Review Sheets:
Chapter 3 Section A
Chapter 3 Section B

Chapter 3: Make a Buck