8th Grade – Holt Course 3

Chapter 1 Principles of Algebra, Chapter 2 Rational Numbers, Chapter 3 Graphs, Functions, and Sequences, Chapter 4 Exponents and Roots, Chapter 5 Ratios, Proportions, and Similarity, Chapter 6 Percents, Chapter 7 Foundations of Geometry, Chapter 8 Perimeter, Area, and Volume, Chapter 9 Data and Statistics, Chapter 10 Probability, Chapter 11 Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities, Chapter 12 Graphing Lines, Chapter 13 Sequences and Functions, Chapter 14 Polynomials

Chapter 1 Principles of Algebra

Lesson 1-1 Variables and Expressions
Lesson 1-2 Algebraic Expressions
Lesson 1-3 Integers and Absolute Value
Lesson 1-4 Adding Integers
Lesson 1-5 Subtracting Integers
Lesson 1-6 Multiplying and Dividing Integers.
Lesson 1-7 Solving Equations by Adding or Subtracting
Lesson 1-8 Solving Equations by Multiplying or Dividing
Lesson 1-9 Introduction to Inequalities

Chapter 2 Rational Numbers

Lesson 2-1 Rational Numbers.
Lesson 2-2 Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers
Lesson 2-3 Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers
Lesson 2-4 Multiplying Rational Numbers
Lesson 2-5 Dividing Rational Numbers
Lesson 2-6 Adding and Subtracting with Unlike Denominators
Lesson 2-7 Solving Equations with Rational Numbers
Lesson 2-8 Solving Two-Step Equations

Chapter 3 Graphs, Functions, and Sequences

Lesson 3-1 Ordered Pairs
Lesson 3-2 Graphing on a Coordinate Plane
Lesson 3-3 Interpreting Graphs and Tables
Lesson 3-4 Functions
Lesson 3-5 Equations, Tables, and Graphs
Lesson 3-6 Arithmetic Sequences

Chapter 4 Exponents and Roots

Lesson 4-1 Exponents
Lesson 4-2 Negative Exponents
Lesson 4-3 Properties of Exponents
Lesson 4-4 Scientific Notation
Lesson 4-5 Squares and Square Roots
Lesson 4-6 Estimating Square Roots
Lesson 4-7 The Real Numbers
Lesson 4-8 The Pythagorean Theorem

Chapter 5 Ratios, Proportions, and Similarity

Lesson 5-1 Ratios and Proportions
Lesson 5-2 Ratios, Rates, and Unit Rates
Lesson 5-3 Dimensional Analysis
Lesson 5-4 Solving Proportions
Lesson 5-5 Similar Figures
Lesson 5-6 Dilations
Lesson 5-7 Indirect Measurement
Lesson 5-8 Scale Drawings and Scale Models

Chapter 6 Percents

Lesson 6-1 Relating Decimals, Fractions, and Percents
Lesson 6-2 Estimating with Percents
Lesson 6-3 Finding Percents
Lesson 6-4 Finding a Number When the Percent Is Known
Lesson 6-5 Percent Increase and Decrease
Lesson 6-6 Applications of Percents
Lesson 6-7 Simple Interest

Chapter 7 Foundations of Geometry

Lesson 7-1 Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles
Lesson 7-2 Transversal, perpendicular and parallel lines
Lesson 7-3 Angles in Triangles
Lesson 7-4 Classifying Polygons
Lesson 7-5 Coordinate Geometry
Lesson 7-6 Congruence
Lesson 7-7 Transformations
Lesson 7-8 Symmetry
Lesson 7-9 Tessellations

Chapter 8 Perimeter, Area, and Volume

Lesson 8-1 Perimeter and Area of Rectangles and Parallelograms
Lesson 8-2 Perimeter and Area of Triangles and Trapezoids
Lesson 8-3 Area and Circumference of Circles
Lesson 8-4 Three-Dimensional Figures
Lesson 8-5 Volume of prisms and cylinders
Lesson 8-6 Volume of Pyramids and cones
Lesson 8-7 Surface Area of prisms and cylinders
Lesson 8-8 Surface Area of Pyramids and cones
Lesson 8-9 Volume and Surface Area of spheres
Lesson 8-10 Scaling Three-Dimensional Figures

Chapter 9 Data and Statistics

Lesson 9-1 Sampling Methods and Biases
Lesson 9-2 Organizing Data
Lesson 9-3 Measures of Central Tendency – Mean, Mode, Median and range.
Lesson 9-4 Central Tendency and Variability – Box and Whisker Plot.
Lesson 9-5 Displaying Data
Lesson 9-6 Misleading Graphs and Statistics
Lesson 9-7 Scatter Plots, Correlations, Lines of Best Fit
Lesson 9-8 Choosing the Best Representation of Data

Chapter 10 Probability

Lesson 10-1 Introduction to Probability
Lesson 10-2 Experimental Probability
Lesson 10-3 Random Numbers and Simulations
Lesson 10-4 Theoretical Probability
Lesson 10-5 Independent and Dependent Events
Lesson 10-6 Making Decisions and Predictions
Lesson 10-7 Odds
Lesson 10-8 Counting Principles
Lesson 10-9 Factorials, Permutations and Combinations

Chapter 11 Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities

Lesson 11-1 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
Lesson 11-2 Solving Multi-Step Equations
Lesson 11-3 Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides
Lesson 11-4 Solving Inequalities by Multiplying or Dividing
Lesson 11-5 Solving and Graphing Two-Step Inequalities
Lesson 11-6 Systems of Equations

Chapter 12 Graphing Lines

Lesson 12-1 Graphing Linear Equations
Lesson 12-2 Slope of a Line
Lesson 12-3 Using Slopes and Intercepts
Lesson 12-4 Point-Slope Form
Lesson 12-5 Direct Variation
Lesson 12-6 Graphing Inequalities in Two Variables
Lesson 12-7 Lines of Best Fit

Chapter 13 Sequences and Functions

Lesson 13-1 Terms of Arithmetic Sequences
Lesson 13-2 Terms of Geometric Sequences
Lesson 13-3 Other Sequences
Lesson 13-4 Linear Functions
Lesson 13-5 Exponential Functions
Lesson 13-6 Quadratic Functions
Lesson 13-7 Inverse Variation

Chapter 14 Polynomials

Lesson 14-1 Polynomials
Lesson 14-2 Simplifying Polynomials
Lesson 14-3 Adding Polynomials
Lesson 14-4 Subtracting Polynomials
Lesson 14-5 Multiplying Polynomials by Monomials
Lesson 14-6 Multiplying Binomials